Parcel Handling

Meeting delivery deadlines with precision.

With the various packages shipped today across the nation, it is imperative that parcel handling operations be able to guarantee customers that their shipments arrive on time and intact. With the demands placed on the leading and up-and-coming parcel handling industries, these companies need solutions that will guarantee efficiency, accuracy, and speed.

Compass Engineering provides parcel handlers with A custom control and software package solution that automates sortation and distribution processes. To meet customer demands, these solutions provide user interfaces to oversee the entire operation—including unloading, conveying, identification, sortation and loading—detailing the location of packages and providing real-time error analysis. Additionally, to enable monitoring of various shipping parcels, individual package status can be viewed  through a simple query of any unique parcel characteristic.

Parcel Solutions

  • On-time order fulfillment
  • Routing information and re-routing capabilities
  • High speed sortation and distribution solutions
  • Conveyor error analysis and diagnosis
  • Automated processes to lower productivity costs
  • Increase in efficiency and profits

Contact Compass Engineering

Extensive, reliable expertise in controls and software.

Leverage a full suite of comprehensive control systems and software that direct the operation of conveyors, sorters and automated machinery for fulfillment across multiple industries, including food and beverage, parcel and e-commerce.

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